About us

GracefulMoccs is where Practical & Stylish collide!


Hi, and welcome to our little nook - GracefulMoccs.
My name is Svitlana and I am a mama to four very special little darlings- 3 boys & a princess. My shop is inspired directly by them. When it came to their wardrobe, I always struggled with shoes! I bought pairs upon pairs, cheap & expensive, brand and non, a wide variety of material and they were always either too heavy, too loose, not practical, or simply not pretty.

I gave Moccasins a chance and although very expensive they came close to perfect. I was then inspired to try different leather and only stick to genuine, different patterns, and to scale to an affordable price every mama can afford.

After try & try again I created what are now GracefulMoccs. I price them for the value of the durable and soft leather and not more. Our prices are competitive but even more so my product has your child in mind.
Before I put anything new in my shop, they are tested and approved by my own.

Our hair accessories are also the result of my daughter, Ivanka. When you shop here - you become family! I'd love to hear what brought you to my shop & who you're shopping for! Be blessed!